The Sacrificial Lamb

Everyone in America knows the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST. You have no excuse when it comes to knowing what everyone is talking about. You see the Bible is highly recognized as the number one seller year after year.  The GOOD NEWS GOSPEL can be found in the bookstores, the drug stores, the libraries, the motels and the whoretells. There is no reason, for anyone not to know the sacrifice GOD made to get our attention. Today the sacrifice is not on Golgotha but it Golgotha is in the homes of silly men and women.  The sacrifices are the little girls and boys to the pedofiles portraying themselves as a wholesome human beings. In actuality the pedofile is preying on your children. If you have a man or woman in your life and he or she has not taken your family a step up then your life sister or brother and your child’s life is in a lions den. A man /woman that has your back will do everything possible to make your struggle light.  Together you two make things happen. Okay let’s face it! Your man is not Steve Harvey and he cannot rock you a Bentley, but the Chevrolet Vega you are driving should be cleaned and gased weekly. Your honeydews should be collaborative eventful projects. Your parenting skills should be prayerful watchtower event where the children are allowed to develop their creativity and personality. Instead the predator in your home is shutting your child down. Taking away their creativity and putting a burden on them.  Your child is like the character in the movie Precious  your sacrificial lamb so you can have a man/woman.  Golgotha is your child’s home. A place they don’t want to be. Golgotha is where your children watch a manchild undo the values of a real Family. Values that teach a child respect by examples. Ethics that are taught by truth. Morals instilled because the fragility of life is treasured.  A loving home operated by two adults, should run smoothly because that’s the purpose for being together. The purpose of watching the miracles of life you gave birth to become sane happy productive individuals. What I see today is little girls seeking love from strangers who will do ungodly acts to a child. Your daughters and sons are prime game for sick mentally deprived individuals. Portraying themselves as men/women. Most of the time a wife/mother may work a job, but she will fulfill her duties as a mother because she is a MOTHER. A FATHER will work two jobs with a hustle to provide for his family. Plus teac his son/daughters the art of culinary skills. Nurturing their babies to adulthood. The mother Bears of today are volunterring to be prey and placing their children on the traytray as well. Wearing the hat of a mother requires sacrifice but not your child’s innocence.  You give up the single life, adjust and embrace  the life of a mother/woman with a mission. A mission to protect your child.  Try getting close to a bears cubs and see if you live to talk about it. Your mate is making your life miserable and your children’s lives are in a jungle with an untamed animal. Check your surroundings. Can you do bad by yourself? Do you actually need help destroying your child’s life? Then why are you? You can bring them to the hospital emergency room and get on about destroying your ownself life. Listen and know this, A man will take care of all of your needs because he has to take care of his. Adding you to his life should not be a hardships for you or your children. The calculations should have been done prior to subjecting a child to your madness of learning how to raise and provide for a family. The truth of the matter is the man/woman pedofile plans are to sabotage your child’s life. A predator has intent to rape and or kill your child. Are you  attentive to the creative gift bestowed upon your child? Are you and your mate giving the child every opportunity to be creative? Do you and your mate find every reason to chastise but never encourage? Are you and your mate present in school and extracurricular activities? You myself have sacrificed your child. Is it selfishness? From a woman’s perspective! Yes it is selfishness. Your womanly desires to have your vajay jay and the lonliness appeased is it worth giving your children up to Golgotha. The male who allows a woman to misuse his children is just as selfish. The show Thicker Than Water tried to portray the vindictive conduct of a cunning woman. Let’s face it! Your children are your sacrifice for your happiness. You know that man will not stay if you don’t serve him the children.  Your prefered time is to run the nightlife while your child is being tortured. Signs of Unusual sadness, Consistent depressed moods, Inattentive to personal care. (Smell my odor Mommy its not naturally my own.) Lose of interest in being an inquisitive child. Sits quite wondering why you hate them and love a stranger more. Do not want to go or come home. The predator you have in your home will not leave. He/She is demented and will not stop until the mission is accomplished. The death of your child is literally or mentally.  The survival skills needed will require your child to abandon their childhood. Mothers if you’re trying to impress a man you are out of line. The man is a hunter and he has studied you to know that you are the prey he needs to inact his agenda on children. Listen it’s illegal for a man to bed a child. Its illegal to fondle a child. It’s illegal to abuse a child mentally and physically. A predator will prepare your daughters for abuse BY making them think it’s okay for a man to hurt them because they use YOU mom as an example. The girl child will think this a natural way of life. Mommy screaming and fussing with a man who always have her crying and hurt is okay. That’s custom! That’s a way of life? Then, a long comes a spider and the spider takes your child’s innocence.  That innocence should be protected by all costs until the child has had time and information to make an adult decision. But be careful! Joyce Meyers was repeatedly raped by her biological father. The demented mind is demented and prayerfully your intuitive mature nature can save your child. Your boy children are just as innocent. Repeatedly being beaten will place them in submissive mode to the predators to take their childhood as well. Boys that are placed in the hands of evil down low brothers and fake dads are raped/molested.  Down low Dads who pretend to be upright will teach and make them to be prey for down low creatures. The spectrum of abuse needs attentive parents who are aware.  Can you find your child? Can you open your eyes to the silently silent abuse you’re enduring so that your child can be the ultimate prize. Is your home Golgotha? Are you literally sacrificing your child up for your pseudo happiness? GOD gave HIS son for you to live a peaceful life. The Gospel and the Good News was not an attempt to place innocent children at the hands of evil people. The enemy in your home will kill you too. Get your children out of Golgotha.


Wearing The Helmet of Salvation

In most Armies a soldier is first placed in training. This soldier is called a Buck Private. I would assume He is taught the basic knowledge of the country he will serve and the philosophy and standards expected. He would answer “Yes Sir Drill Sergent” after weeks of learning how to protect himself and his country he is now prepared to represent as a soldier. In mortal combat he uses the lessons learned to survive

The soldier wears a helmet to protect his head. I have never truly examined a helmet but I am sure it is a tough apparatus. The brain is covered by the helmet. As soldiers of GOD we are asked to put on the helmet of salvation.

We go to beginners class and learn the basic knowledge about being a soldiers in the Army of GOD. We learn the philosophy of the Bible that ” All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteous living”. (2 Tim. 3:16).

We humbly learn to be teachable students. Answering the call to live a life as imitators of CHRIST. Covering your mind with inspired the WORD of GOD and the teachings of CHRIST.

Did you know? Your mind is the target for ungodly thoughts that can come in as quickly as the bullets of an Uzzi rifle causing stress and confusion. The Helmet of Salvation you wear is to remind you to filter all thoughts by the WORD of GOD.

Domestic violence filtered is not ordained nor inspired by GOD. HE gave Moses the petition of divorce because of man’s hateful and hard heart. Your intimate partner is instructed to Love you as Christ Loved the church. Don’t think as Whoopi in the Color Purple reasoning to Harpo to beat Celie and find it to be okay. That was a TV series.

With the Helmet of salvation and your GOD given intuition your place as a battered partner is Not in the will of GOD.

Listen, the Apostles were disciples of CHRIST.  CHRIST said you know my disciples by the love they have for one another. (Bible) Put on your Helmet, review the behaviour of your partner. Don’t be consistently deceived as Eve was and lose your life.

Try the SPIRIT by the SPIRIT.  Does the behavior of your intimate partner fit a disciple behavior? Are you afraid for your life and the life of your family?  In perfect love there is no fear. Walk away Spiritually and RUN physically to another part of the world.

GOD has in place in all over the 50 State of America a battered partner shelter. Only your faith is required. The abuser should seek psychological help as soon as possible. Let’s be aware that the abuser is warned to be aware that irrational thinking can be healed with prayer counseling. Remember the abuser is not a stable sane person.

The abuser is an individual who has a festered mind that can be homicidal and /or suicidal. Many Men and Women lie in their graves today because they did not heed the warning signs and the WORD of GOD. You are a treasured possession of GOD to be loved as CHRIST so loved the church and you arenot to be abused by any man/woman.

Listen, was the famous football player Steve McNair surprised by an intruder or was his body riddled with bullets by a jealous lover? A lover that believed she was the sole owner of McNairs life.

This young lady in her festered mind did not reject adultery and she did not respect the sanctity of the marriage bed.

Maybe you need help? As a battered person or an abuser?  Mc Nair and the young lady will have no second chance to rebuild their lives. As we know it death does not give second chances to do the work to live life happy.

If you have a chance take it let GOD and the helping ministry of the shelters put you in line for a life of happiness. Call 911 get out safely. Abusers Call your local mental health clinic or Minister. The help you need will save the life of your partner and quite possibly you.The Helmet is your filter. Every thought should be filtered to see if it is GODLY. Replace bad thoughts with the GOD’S WORD.  Life is a vapor and fragile.

With Love

Helpline: 911 this is an emergency!

Kiss and Tell

You are a Royal Generation but I won’t kiss and tell. It is too embarrassing to admit the person you’re in love with will actually hurt you. Embarrassment has covered many wrongful acts. Embarrassment is your mind telling you hey something is wrong and you decide to hover and keep it a secret. The instant you became a Not in a relationship you immediately opened the doors for abuse. Encouragement by your love one to be all that GOD purposed you to be is the key to a great relationship. Remember Love is wonderful you should not be embarrassed to talk about the joy of being loved. Stop being silent!

Still Silent

To GOD I give the Honor to still be on top the world. I made many promises that I have not kept. Today begins the journey of still silent. Today like forty years ago the topics of Domestic violence is among the taboos.  For many years as a child I progressed to believe couples fight that was a way of life 14 of the 17 years my mother endured the mental and physical abuse that also became my portion.  What seemed to be  a the way of life was much harder than imaginable.  My dear mother and other mother suffer at the hands of misguided males. What makes a woman stay in abusive relationships? Why is it okay to fight and hurt your spouse? Can we stop to stop the madness? In 2013 Texas reported over 100 women killed by an intimate partner.  The trial of OJ Simpson was to address the use of abuse? The death of the Sonny Von Bulow by insulin did not wake the consciousness. A dear friend from South Africa was killed by her American husband. Many are passed on and the cases are not cold but the consciousness is cold. The effects of taking a life is not a problem especially if you’re a woman or Black. Time to address this issue and place structured protection and punishment for crimes of domestic violence. Get your purple purse!

There is a way out if you think you’re trapped. There is a way to channel your anger and disappointment if you think to end lives. Still silent will be on this journey to find a peaceful way to calm the tidal waves.  Come to a world of consciousness that loves without harm